Shine-A-Blind blind cleaning service is guaranteed to make your window coverings look great. Ask about our Satisfaction Guaranteed Promise.
 [image align=”right” type=”image” skin=”on” small=”../cleani4.jpg”]Proper maintenance of the window coverings:
• Prolongs the life of the blinds.
• Improves the appearance of the surroundings.
• Protects the original costly investment.
• Reduces “Sick Building Syndrome.”
Our Lowest Price Guarantee
Shine-A-Blind will beat any competitors written cleaning quote by 5%.
FREE – Blind removal and re-hanging.
FREE – Anti-static cleaning solution.
FREE- Blind Check for proper functioning.
FREE – Blind Check for proper functioning.

[blockquote_message]I was extrememly impressed with how clean our blinds were. The ultrasonic machine you used to clean our blinds is amazing and so fast! I tried cleaning the blinds for my wife and it was a royal pain and tedious. It’s great to know you have this service, you’ll be hearing from us every spring. Thanks again![/blockquote_message] 

How It Works

Shine-A-Blind uses an ultrasonic cleaning method. Utilizing ultrasonic energy, this method causes sound waves to create millions of tiny bubbles which travel at a high rate of speed through water and implode on impact. These bubbles gently impregnate all hard-to- clean areas. Because no physical agitation is required, our cleaning method eliminates the possibility of damage conventional methods may induce.
Adding Shine-A-Blind to a custodial agenda is a cost effective method in maintaining the health and appeal of a building.

Window blinds often receive little or no maintenance attention because janitorial services find cleaning them difficult and labor intensive. Past cleaning methods achieved only minimal results.

Shine-A-Blind’s disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning solution eliminates allergy causing pollens, bacteria, smoke, dust and dirt, thus reducing “Sick Building Syndrome.” Then our special anti-static rinse reduces the reaccululation of these impurities. The working mechanisms are them lubricated to insure proper operation.
· Homes
· Office
· Hospitals
· Buildings
· Restaurants

Our Lowest Price Guarantee
“Shine-A-Blind will beat any competitors written cleaning quote by 5%”

“… They gave us one day service and when they were finished the blinds looked great I would recommend Shine-A Blind to anyone.”
– Debbie Underwood
“… It was a real shock when I found out how dusty and dirty they had become over the years … It is a great feeling to know they are now truly bright and clean. See you again in six months.”
– Paul L. J. Randle

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